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Six Causes of Work Related Stress

Using data gathered by a team of expert occupational psychologists the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have identified six key causes of work related stress that, if left un-managed by both employer and employee, can lead to more serious mental health problems such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Aside from the potential problem of claims being made against employers under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 which implicitly includes mental as well as physical harms, employees suffering mental health problems at work (however caused) tend to take time off sick.

The Main Causes of Work Related Stress

Although there are, of course, many thousands of reasons why people become stressed, there are very specific factors within the workplace which have been shown to directly cause adverse reactions which are preventable.

Where causes are preventable then an employer has a legal duty of care (as well as a moral duty) to implement measures to counteract them.

Research shows that the main six causes of work related stress are:

The demands placed upon employees which may be classified as both reasonable and unreasonable demands – read more about how different types of demands can cause work related stress here.

The degree of control employees have, in particular in determining their work patterns – read more about how issues of control can cause work related stress here.

The level of support provided by the organisation, including things like training, encouragement and sponsorship – read more about how different levels of support or lack of it can cause work related stress here.

The management of relationships within the workplace including mitigating against unacceptable behaviours and the promotion of good management – read more about how poor relationship management can cause work related stress here.

The clear definition of roles within the organisation, including ensuring roles do not conflict – read more about how conflicting or undefined roles can cause work related stress here.

The management of change within the organisation including transparenecy and expediency about significant change – read more about how change can cause work related stress here.

Mental Health Best Practice

Preventing work related stress before it occurs is obviously a more useful strategy than waiting until an employee exceeds their level of personal tolerance and goes off sick and the best way to do this is by adopting a set of mental health best practices.

Top Down & Bottom Up Solutions

Although the causes of work related stress are clearly identifiable through observation of the modus operandi of an organisation, there is also the factor of individual resilience to stress.

Even if you are able to mitigate the causes of work related stress through best practice there are invariably going to be employees who have low resilience to stressors which is why Prevental Healthcare are able to offer bi-directional solutions within our Corporate Wellness Partnership Programme.

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