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Stress is the reaction that we have when we try to cope with situations of pressure.

We all experience stress in our daily lives and in fact many people believe that they perform more effectively when they are under stress, but some people find it intolerable and when this is the case, our health can start to be affected in a negative way.

Different people are able to tolerate very different levels of stress and we refer to this ability to cope with stress and stressful situations as resilience.

Stress in itself is not dangerous and certainly not an illness. Being stressed is completely normal when facing challenging situations.

The stress reaction is subjective

Remember, stress is a reaction that is produced by the subjective evaluation of a situation rather than the situation being inherently stressful.

In other words, what some people find stressful, others find perfectly acceptable and experience no stress at all.

What this means is that the stress YOU experience is created by your own, unique individual evaluation and understanding about what is happening.

You can think of a subjective evaluation as looking at a situation through a ‘filter’ through which you infer a meaning.

Changing your evaluation changes the level of stress

Its perfectly plausible to change your subjective evaluation of an experience in order to feel differently about it.

If you’ve ever overcome a fear of phobia then you have done exactly that – you’ve changed what you believed to be ‘dangerous’ into something that is ‘OK’ and now no longer get stressed or anxious about it.

Becoming more resilient to stress

Learning how to become more resilient to stress involves undestanding how your fundamental beliefs and values are responsible for creating your understandings about the world in which you live.

Each of us as individuals creates a model of the world inside our heads that we use to make sense of life experiences. These are either helpful to us and help us to enjoy our lives, or they may be unhelpful and become barriers to leading the life that we want.

Changing unhelpful beliefs and values

Ever since the emergence of cognitive behavioural therapy in the 1960’s this link between our beliefs (and how that leads us to process the meaning of events) and our emotional outcomes has been well understood and used to help people make changes to their thinking in order to reduce emotional difficulties.

By following the scientifically proven protocols within CBT people can, over just a few sessions, overcome a very wide range of psychological problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Our sister company, Tranceform Psychology, has been delivering CBT to clients since 2009 and as practicing psychologists we have over 30,000 clinical hours experience using this form of therapy.

Prevental Healthcare Ltd. was formed specifically to address the problems of work related stress in UK based corporations, and in particular, how employees and managers can develop greater resilience to stress before it become problematical.

Why Choose Prevental?

Paul is a highly experienced, academically qualified psychologist with over 30 years experience of working with people to overcome life challenges and achieve life goals.

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We are an approved supplier of mental health support services to the NHS Black Country Clinical Commissioning Groups who we have been working with since late 2017.

We have been helping improve people's mental health in the West Midlands since 2009 and have more than 30,000 hours of clinical experience.

Prevental Healthcare are expert mental health professionals dedicated to helping you and your employees thrive.

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