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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety can be associated with almost any experience that we perceive (or believe) as “dangerous” or “threatening” in some way, even if others do not find it threatening.

This includes those situations that we may have a ‘distorted belief system’ about, for example that negative judgement by others is ‘bad’.

For the socially anxious person, the negative feelings and fear they experience is very real even though it is based on a ‘floored’ idea (that other people’s opinions directly affect one’s life).

Of more concern, and probably more commonly encountered, are the people who suffer from the symptoms of Anxiety and have no apparent idea what the “trigger” is.

This type of problem is referred to as a “Generalised Anxiety Disorder” by the healthcare profession.

These feelings of Anxiety can strike at almost any time, and it is likely that every single person will experience them at some point in their lives.

There are many factors that can contribute to these feelings (or excessive feelings) of worry and stress, for example you may be anxious about an impending job interview, money worries, problems in your personal relationships or even just the day to day pressures of everyday life.

These feelings are in fact completely normal and a natural reaction to stress or fear, however, for some people the level of worry can become so “large” or “significant” that it starts to affect their ability to get on with living.

For many sufferers Anxiety can feel like it is constant and that you never get a chance to really relax.

Why Do I Experience Anxiety?

Anxiety is an absolutely normal reaction to any situation where we believe we are in “danger” (not necessarily that we ARE in danger).

We are “hard-wired” to respond in this way and we do not have any conscious control over the reaction, however, it is crucial to be aware that we DO have control over what we believe is dangerous – it’s not this “Anxiety Reaction” which is “inappropriate”, but what we believe the danger is!

When our mind prepares to deal with danger it considers through three possible ways of solving the problem we are faced with:

(1) FREEZE – and hope that the danger goes away,

(2) FLIGHT – escape from the danger, normally by running away, and

(3) FIGHT – confront and fight the danger.

Whichever option we choose our mind ensures that our body is physically ready for any of the solutions by flooding our bloodstream with Adrenalin, shutting down the non-essential bodily functions (rationale thinking, digestion etc) and generally preparing for survival.

These chemical changes in our bodies are experienced physically as the symptoms of Anxiety!

Common Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Inability to rest
  • An impending sense of dread
  • Problems Concentrating
  • Being quick tempered
  • Finding minor issues irritating
  • Feelings of dizziness
  • Difficulties in becoming motivated
  • Palpitations
  • Dry and Sticky mouth
  • Sweating excessively
  • Breathlessness
  • Cramps in the Stomach
  • Migraines and Headaches

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety, like many psychological problems, generally responds very well to talking therapies and research suggests that it is often the therapeutic relationship which leads to problem resolution more so than the ‘form’ of therapy.

In the case of Anxiety related problems however, it is widely recognised that therapies involving cognitive restructuring such as CBT produce some the best results.

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