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Wellness Partnership Programme

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 exposed the importance of good mental health management at both a personal and commercial level.

There are an enormous number of benefits to looking after the mental health of your staff, from the most senior through to the most junior, not only in real economic terms, but also from an ethical perspective.

Employees who are resilient to stress are able to dedicate more of their mental resources to completing job-related tasks rather than in managing their own anxieties.

By providing your team with the support of Prevental Healthcare’s Wellness Partnership Programme you demonstrate your committment to them as individuals, but also the wellness of your business in general.

Businesses that care about their staff are more successful.

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The Bi-directional Approach

The way that people respond to the stresses and strains within the workplace can be thought within two different paradigms:

A. The causes of stress both inside and outside of the working environment.

B. The individual responses to stress that people experience based on their level of resilience.

It is quite possible to have a well managed work environment in which the causes of work related stress are well managed and mitigated and yet still have employees taking time off sick due to mental health problems.

This may be due to individuals experiencing stressful events in their personal lives which might lead to mental health problems for which they have little resilience.

On the other hand, your employees may be very resilient to both internal and external stressors and therefore able to cope with adverse situations.

If, however, your organisation has not taken into consideration the internal causes of work related stress, then any new employees you recruit may find it much more difficult to cope jeapordising any future growth for your business.

In recognising these dual components that exist within any (and all) organisations, Prevental Healthcare have developed a bi-directional approach that combines the effective management of both organisational factors and individual levels of resilience in managing and preventing mental health problems in the workplace.

This is achieved through the adoption of mental health best practices  and the mental health core standards alongside the individually focused Thriving at Work Programme designed to improve employees resilience.

How Does it Work?

The Wellness Partnership Programme is a professional collaboration between your business and Prevental Healthcare.

We offer three different levels of engagement, each offering a range of services and discount rates across our product and service range.

Each agreement level runs for a minimum period of 12 months and is secured through monthly subscription fee.

You can see what each level includes below.

(Please be aware that the final details and costings for our partnership programme are still under development and so may change over the next couple of months)

This our entry-level bronze partnership agreement.

Monthly Subscription Fee: £300

Included Services and Rates:

This our mid-level silver partnership agreement.

Monthly Subscription Fee: £600

Included Services and Rates:

This our top-level gold partnership agreement.

Monthly Subscription Fee: £900

Included Services and Rates:

Why Choose Prevental?

Paul is a highly experienced, academically qualified psychologist with over 30 years experience of working with people to overcome life challenges and achieve life goals.

Read about Paul here

We are an approved supplier of mental health support services to the NHS Black Country Clinical Commissioning Groups who we have been working with since late 2017.

We have been helping improve people's mental health in the West Midlands since 2009 and have more than 30,000 hours of clinical experience.

Prevental Healthcare are expert mental health professionals dedicated to helping you and your employees thrive.

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