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Thriving at Work Programme

The Thriving at Work training programme is designed to help you and your staff develop a range of evidence-based coping skills and strategies for the stress and anxiety often associated within contemporary work environments, and to develop resilience to on-going challenges.

Thriving at Work is a 10 session one-to-one applied psychology training programme held at our West Midlands offices.

We also offer half-day and full day training seminars for up to 20 attendees which focus on key elements of the programme, but are delivered in a more generalised rather than individualised way.

Prevental Healthcare have, through our sister company Tranceform Psychology, been delivering this psychology-based programme to the NHS Black Country Clinical Commissioning Groups since Jan 2018.

You can read what Alice McGee the Group HR Director had to say about working with us here:- Black Country NHS CCG Case Study

Resilience Can Be Learned

A central principal of the programme, which is built firmly upon the proven tools and techniques drawn from applied psychology and cognitive behavioural therapies, is that anybody can learn to make changes to their ‘thinking’ patterns and ‘beliefs’ in order to become more resilient to life’s problems and challenges, in both work and non-work environments.

This is achieved through:

(a) Developing insight into our own individual ‘perceptual models’, core-values and ‘limiting beliefs‘ that determine how we ultimately ‘feel about’ or ‘experience’ any given situation, and

(b) Learning a range of evidence-based tools and techniques to change any unhelpful thinking styles that may not be particularly useful in producing the outcomes that we want.

These perceptual models are known as ‘existential belief systems’ and we use them to make sense of events or experiences.

Belief systems are either ’empowering’ or ‘limiting’ for the individual.

Our Thriving at Work training is focused on helping people to identify any beliefs that are limiting and then changing them.

What’s Involved?

Candidates attend the training offices once per week for approximately one hour and cover 10 stages.

Stage 1 – Opening conversation and fact gathering about candidate’s relevant life experiences to date.

Stage 2 – Overview of the process including measurement of the three key existential domains of belief.

Stage 3 – Review of key concepts regarding the perceptual modelling of reality and evaluation of a self-assessment exercise.

Stage 4 – The concept of Locus of Causality, setting goals and re-assessing unhelpful beliefs.

Stage 5 – Understanding the intra-personal relationship and shifting experiental evaluations.

Stage 6 – Understanding inter-personal relationships, social conditioning and learned behaviours.

Stage 7 – How the coherence of underlying beliefs creates unhelpful cognitive thinking patterns and evaluation of thinking traps.

Stage 8 – The imporance of linguistics in creating emotional outcomes and modulation of vocal and internal dialogues.

Stage 9 – The subjective experience of stress and the creation of anxiety though anticipation.

Stage 10 – Re-evaluation of existential beliefs and setting future goals.

How Does it Work?

If you’d like to understand a bit more about the principles and philosophical underpinnings of the Thriving at Work programme then visit the How it Works page here.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Thriving at Work Programme is a key element within our Wellness Partnership Programme and prices vary in accordance with the range of partnership contracts we offer.

Businesses who are not part of the partnership programme can still access the programme at a cost of £795 per employee.

Why Choose Prevental?

Paul is a highly experienced, academically qualified psychologist with over 30 years experience of working with people to overcome life challenges and achieve life goals.

Read about Paul here

We are an approved supplier of mental health support services to the NHS Black Country Clinical Commissioning Groups who we have been working with since late 2017.

We have been helping improve people's mental health in the West Midlands since 2009 and have more than 30,000 hours of clinical experience.

Prevental Healthcare are expert mental health professionals dedicated to helping you and your employees thrive.

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