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Mental Health Protection

how does it work?

Wellness Management for Businesses

Prevental Healthcare is run by expert psychologists who are dedicated to helping business leaders and staff to develop the skills and resources to:

  • Create internal wellness
  • Develop resilience to problems before they occur
  • Learn more effective coping skills
  • Grow & develop as unique individuals
  • Become more effective professionals
  • Overcome existing mental health difficulties
  • Collaborate more effectively

Mental Health & Wellness Partnership Programme

Our corporate wellness partnership programme provides advice, training and support for you and your staff across the mental health and well-being spectrum without the full-time expense.

The programme deals with work related stress from the perspective of both organisational factors as well as individual resilience.

The Economic Imperative

  • 15% of all people at work have mental health problems
  • Poor mental health costs UK business £33-£42 Billion per year
  • Loss of Government tax revenue and cost of benefits £24-£27 billion per year
  • Cost to the economy as a whole £74-£99 Billon per year
  • Every £1 spent on Mental Health support produces net return of £9.98

The Thriving at Work Report, Stevenson & Farmer, 2017

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philosophical underpinnings

Prevention is Better than Cure!

Typically, people go into crisis before seeking effective support and whilst much healthcare provision has been designed to be reactive to this need, a proactive, preventative strategy is likely to be much more beneficial.

Prevental Healthcare offer a range of professional psychological services to help people develop mental resilience to difficult life challenges before they become problematic.

All of our training programmes are evidence-based and delivered by qualified psychologists with many years of experience within the psychotherapy and coaching sectors.

Mechanisms of change – Neuro-Plasticity

Creating Structural Change in the Neural Network

We experience life according to our beliefs and values about the external world.

We can help you and your staff to permanently modify these understandings and change the way that life (and commercial) challenges are made sense-of and solved.

Contrary to historical understandings of the brain’s architecure MRI scans clearly demonstrate that cognitive exercises and principals produce permanent re-structuring at the synaptic level – a phenomenon known as Neuroplasticity.

Prevental Healthcare - Neural Network Image

Training Seminars

We offer a range of training seminars for up to 20 attendees that can be delivered at your own premises or at an external venue.

Click on any of the images below to discover more about these training seminars.

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Preventative factors

The Advantages of Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adverse life experiences without suffering negative effects.

The more resilient a person is, the less likely they are to ‘process’ negative experiences in personally unhelpful ways.

Resilient people are less likely to develop mental health problems during their life course and may often be happier and more successful.

Worrying less about life challenges means you have more time to dedicate to your career.

From Our Founder

Become the Architect of Your Own Life Trajectory

Each one of us perceives reality in our own, unique way, including the way we think about mental health problems.

Although the physical world remains relatively constant, by modifying our perceptual filters, core values and beliefs we can learn how to experience life in much more meaningful and helpful ways and prevent adverse reactions to stress.

This is something that anybody can learn to do given time and effort.

Paul Lee BSc. MSc. 

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